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Featured Recipe: Cuban-Style Stewed Fish

Cuban-Style Stewed Fish

The intricate mix of seasoning found naturally in each area defines regional cooking. As for Cuban flavors you’ll find citrus, cumin, garlic, peppers and seafood in abundance. Lucky for us, no matter where you live you can find these same ingredients just about anytime of year. But this combination of flavors seems especially relevant as summer is almost officially here.

Today’s recipe for Cuban-styled Stewed Fish is based on the delicious flavors of Cuba. Thanks to several spice manufacturers, they are blending those flavors into a salt-free mix that is just a grocery store aisle away. For development purposes I used McCormick’s Cuban Spice mix, but online and boutique spice companies have similar blends that are just as delicious. 

Any firm white fish fillet will work and I have terrific results with the individually quick frozen and vacuum packed tilapia in the freezer section. This great grab and go product lets you cook just what you need without waste or unwanted leftovers.

Fresh, summery and bright, the sunny flavors of Cuban-Style Stewed Fish will surely make you smile in delight.

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