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From   |  September 22, 2014
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Featured Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Slump

Apple Cinnamon Slump

From Harden Rives, Kitchen Scoop Assistant
Apple season is here and if you’re like me that means memories of apple cider, apple pie, fresh applesauce and cobbler. There is something about the mixture of apples and cinnamon that represents the epitome of autumn. So, in the spirit of fall and everything good that comes with it, Alicia suggested that we make a slump.
If you’ve never heard of a slump it may sound silly or even unappetizing. A slump is a cobbler-like dessert that traces back to the first American settlers. The name was coined because of the way the dessert “slumped” when it was spooned onto a plate. Originally a slump is a stovetop dish with berries and biscuit dough. The biscuit cooks from the steam of the bubbling fruit, so the dough does not brown.  In today’s Apple Cinnamon Slump we used pre-packaged cinnamon rolls instead of biscuits and finished it off in the oven to ensure that the rolls were that beautiful golden burnish we know and love. We also modernized our recipe by using a Dutch oven (or other stove to oven dish) so our rolls rose up instead of spreading out. Even so, the dessert still deliciously “slumps” in the bowl.
I hope you enjoy our Apple Cinnamon Slump as much as we have.

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