Being “media” has it’s perks!

From   |  July 17, 2013
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Wilmington, NC - On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, I was invited to attend the Cape Fear Community College Culinary Arts School - Pastries and Confections final project. What an unbelievable spread awaited all the journalists who came. Derby Pies, French Chocolate Silk, bread pudding with a rum sauce that was extremely potent, cubed pound cake with scratch chocolate dipping sauce, and cookies in every form and color! Cakes and candies were in abundance, too.


Chef Verna Risby (pictured) shared her secret to her Tres Leches Cake: She used the milk that she soaked the cake in to make the whipped cream on top. It was divine.

Chef Samantha Fredrickson proudly presented her coconut cake with layers of house-made lemon curd. The combination was swoon-worthy.

I was so impressed with these student-chefs honing their craft in hopes of sharing it far and wide after graduation. They worked for days on the reception and all were ready by the end for the final step- clean-up!

Thank you for the invite!

For more information about Cafe Fear Community College's Culinary Arts School, click here.

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