Cranberry Ambrosia - fruit salad fit for the gods

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Featured Recipe: Cranberry Ambrosia

Cranberry Ambrosia

According to Greek mythology, ambrosia was food or drink for the gods and upon eating or drinking it they were given eternal youth and life. In the traditional culinary world, ambrosia usually means a creamy base fruit salad and lots of marshmallows.
I’m not sure how one is similar to the other knowing what we know now about nutrition, but they are indeed the same descriptor. Surely the culinary genius that came up with the original recipe just meant that it was fit for the gods in taste and texture. While that sticky sweet concoction that appeared on my youthful holiday dinner tables appealed when I was a kid, it’s not as pleasing to my adult palate. Yet ambrosia seems to have its place among the holiday fare.
So today’s recipe is in honor of past ambrosias, but with a modern and mature palate twist. It is perfect to pair with any type of roasted meat or vegetable combination, as it stands completely on it’s own. Not to mention the leftovers (if you are that lucky) make a luscious side for sandwiches at lunch the next day.
While I don’t claim any special fountain of youth qualities with my salad, I can tell you it is a healthy choice among the high calorie alternatives this time of year at only 140 calories per serving. Happy Holidays!

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