Easiest Vegetable Beef Soup

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Featured Recipe: Easiest Vegetable Beef Soup

Easiest Vegetable Beef Soup

I used to keep this Easiest Vegetable Beef soup base in the freezer for a quick start to  soup on any busy night. It was a super fast way to have homemade soup in a jiffy for my family of four. I could add barley, fresh mushrooms, assorted frozen vegetables, spinach or cabbage, cooked pasta or rice - really almost anything extra I had on hand. Each incarnation was a little different so no one ever got bored.

The secret is in the base. It’s the canned tomatoes with the tomato paste and a dot of sugar that makes such a pleasing, hearty broth. It’s extremely forgiving, too, if you don’t have this or find yourself out of that.

Easiest Vegetable Beef soup is the way to clean out the freezer too, when you might need extra room for cooking ahead now that the holidays are in full swing. That’s exactly why I made this latest batch. No only did I get rid of a few canned items to free up space in the pantry, I added frozen edamame, corn and red peppers, in place of the traditional frozen vegetable mix and it was fabulous.

No matter how your version comes out in the end, stick to the base and you’ll have success! Pair it with a grilled cheese sandwich and you’ve got the home cooked meal you’ve been hankering for and didn’t even know it! Enjoy!

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Easiest Vegetable Beef Soup

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