Finding a cheap holiday ham is like a sport

From   |  December 15, 2009
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Featured Recipe: Marmalade-Glazed Ham

Marmalade-Glazed Ham

We make a sport out of seeing how little we can pay per pound for our holiday ham. The delectability of a ham does not depend on paying a lot of money for it. A very cheap ham tastes just as wonderful as a very expensive one. That’s especially true if you bake the ham with our marvelous marmalade glaze. (Click here for the recipe.)

We’re so partial to our glaze that we prefer to buy an unglazed ham, which costs a fraction of one already-sliced and glazed. Slicing a ham just isn’t that difficult. (We’ve even been known to wash the glaze off a spiral-sliced ham we bought at a rock-bottom sale in order to use our glaze instead!)

What's the cheapest price per pound you've ever found for a ham?

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