Gaither Gab- P.T.‘s Old Fashioned Grille

From   |  July 25, 2013
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If you live in the Cape Fear region and have yet to eat your weight in lemon-pepper garlic fries at P.T.’s Grille, you are truly missing out. Everyone loves a good juicy burger and fries and that’s exactly what you’ll find at P.T.’s. Luckily if you are visiting Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Leland, or Goldsboro there are seven locations and a new food truck for private and corporate events! I’ve probably eaten at P.T.’s about 50 times since moving to Wilmington in 2010. And let me tell you, it gets better every time.

P.T.’s is known for their burgers but they also make some stellar sandwiches that always pair nicely with their heavenly fries or side salad. My last trip at P.T.’s I decided to try the BLT. I’m beginning to think my nickname should be Miss Piggly Wiggly since I’m more than big on the pig. Generous toppings sit upon deliciously grilled bread. I am usually let down by the amount of bacon on a BLT (because who wouldn’t want more?) but P.T.’s serves a gracious portion. The tomato was thick and juicy while the lettuce crisp and crunchy. And do I even have to say anything about the fries? Some of the best fries you will ever eat. Really.

The open kitchen grille makes it a homey, welcoming, and friendly environment. It’s an order at the counter and pay when you’re finished set-up. Each location is on the smallish side, but the fan base is big.  Although I’ve never had to wait on a table. Another upside to P.T.’s is that you can choose to sit inside or outside. If you are in a hurry you can call in P.T.’s to-go. If you are looking for something new to try and haven’t been to P.T.’s I would say don’t wait a second longer. When I used to work in Carolina Beach I would eat at P.T.’s so frequently the manager bought my meal once. Talk about awesome! The service is always great and the people are extremely friendly.

What about you? Have you been to P.T.’s? What’s your favorite item on the menu (if it’s even possible to pick just one thing!)? I’d love to know what I should try next!

For locations, addresses, phone numbers, or if you wonder what the menu looks like check out their website!

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