Homeownership - Giving it a chance one more time

From   |  April 08, 2013
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When I finally sold the house I shared with my ex-husband in 2010, I swore I'd never own a home with someone who could leave me again. And yet I find myself building a house with my mom. Granted she could leave, but I think at 74 years old she's probably pretty predictable. And seeing that she stuck by my side through the worst years of my life, praying and loving me back to existence, she's trustworthy too.

When we first started kicking the idea of pooling our resources, she was considering moving and I had already moved to Wilmington. Since she visited often, she came to love the area as much as I did. As she ages, I selfishly want her close enough to me that I can go to doctor's appointments, encourage her to eat well and just hang out with her.

I had been renting a converted apartment in a historic house within walking distance of the Cape Fear River and we both fell in love the beautiful Historic District in Wilmington, NC. We decided to focus our search for a home to share in Downtown. What became obvious very quickly is that owning a Historic Home is an investment of time and passion. Restoration is a weekly project keeping these old majestic houses in working order.

Mom finally admitted that her own upkeep as an "old" woman was enough and so she wanted to live in a new house. "I'm old, I don't want to live in an old house," she boldly realized. And for me I realized the kitchen I wanted and needed for my work would be better freshly built instead of shoe-horned into an existing home.

So luckily we found a "double lot" on Front Street that had been cleared and empty for years. The views of the Cape Fear River at the end of our street and the sunsets already promise beauty beyond our imagination. And a builder who knows the in's and out's of building in a restricted Historic District. We are well on our way!

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