How to substitute fresh oregano for dried

From   |  July 13, 2009
In Kitchen Basics

The standard fresh herb conversion for recipes is 3 teapoons fresh for every 1 teaspoon dried. This is the perfect balance for fresh oregano - not too much and overpowering for the other flavors in a dish or too little and hardly worth the effort. My oregano is fairly taking over my small garden space, so I find myself mixing in fresh in every recipe I make this summer. For recipes that call for dried Italian seasoning, I add the full amount of dried (because of the additional flavors in the mix) and add an additional 2 teaspons of fresh oregano.  Stir fresh oregano into any Italian sauce, top homemade pizza, sear fresh oregano on pork tenderloin or mix into softened butter for a delicious herb bread spread. Most often I add to taste, but when I feel the need to be exact the 1 to 3 rule always works. How do you use fresh oregano?

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