If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?

From   |  June 15, 2011
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Banana Bread Pudding

So I've been working on the next newsletter (be sure you are signed up to receive the newsletter here) and it's all about ice cream desserts...so maybe that's why in a conversation with my friend Myra about my dating life I used an ice cream analogy. You see, the dating life in your late 40's is interesting to say the least. Especially since I never really dated before since I only dated my ex-husband for 6 years (from age 16 to 22) before we married.

So I find myself in a kind of ice cream shop of dating and I can't decide what flavor I really like or want. In referring to some past dates, I commented on a particular guy as being too vanilla. Now don't get me wrong, I love vanilla ice cream, but only when it's with something else. Like apple pie, or with fresh fruit and a drizzle of Hot Fudge Sauce, or with Heath (R) candy bars crunched up and mixed in and caramel sauce pooled around the edges...you get the picture. Vanilla is perfectly nice, just not alone. And that's what I found with this date as well, perfectly nice, just kinda plain.

So Myra asks me what flavor I think I am...and I answered a deep rich dark chocolate with red pepper flakes. Seemingly a regular flavor but with hidden depth and a spicy kick that's surprisingly flirty and fun.  A Hot Chile Chocolate. Yeah, that's what flavor I am.

So I'm wondering, what flavor of ice cream are you? I'm not talking your favorite flavor to eat. I'm talking what flavor would you be if you were ice cream. Get creative and tell me what and why in the comments section following this post. (And please, if any of my dates read this, don't comment on my "flavor" unless you agree...LOL).


From Alicia Ross - June 15, 2011

From Nan via Facebook: I would have to say I am vanilla with sticky carmel, velvety chocolate and plenty of nuts. Of course with a delicious cherry sitting on top!

From Hannah Ross - June 15, 2011

Hmmmm... I would say I am a Bing Cherry flavor... A solid vanilla background for a solid foundation but then some poppy cherries all mixed in! A little sugar and a little spice just like my mom I guess!

From Rachel Ross - June 15, 2011

CHOCOLATE! always and forever.

From Alicia Ross - June 15, 2011

From Gayle, via email: Buttered Pecan, because I'm a little bit nutty and a lot old fashioned.

From Kelley Ulrich - June 15, 2011

When I lived in Zimbabwe I found myself with an abundance of cream (from pasteurizing our own milk)which led to lots of creative ice cream flavors. One day I steeped some tea bags in the warm sweet cream and made Earl Grey Ice cream. Not many people wanted to try it. But those that did really liked the unusal flavor. So I guess that is what I would be, Earl Grey. Weird enough that not many people want to try it. But if you are brave, you just might like it!

From Alicia Ross - June 15, 2011

Via Facebook: William Gray Newman : Rocky Road Pam Brumfield Jones: Strawberry!! Janet Fenn Gregg: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Chris Wilson McCune: Apparently I have multiple personalities Mary Camp Kuzkin: Butter pecan... salty and sweet! Betsy Flagler: Cookies and cream!

From Alicia Ross - June 15, 2011

Via Facebook: Sharon Sanders: Vanilla. . .the most intense, pure, and complicated of all flavors. From Alicia: Now I have to say if this is true, then my date was plain ice milk....not sure he should even get a cream listing...

From Holly - June 15, 2011

I guess I would have to say mint chocolate chip, because it has layers of flavor, with a bit of crunch for excitement.

From Beverly Mills - June 16, 2011

I'm mocha chip -- a little bit chocolate and a lot about needing my coffee fix!

From Jim Brady - June 16, 2011

L'extrait de vanille fran├žais, ma belle fille

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