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Are we ever finished? Done? Ready?

I don't suppose we are.

I know I used to think when I grew up I'd reach a point when I was "done." Like a cake, I suppose, that was ready to be frosted. But the older I get, the more I realize I don't want to be "done." I like looking at my life like a book that just keeps going with pages turned and new chapters, but never done.

Speaking of books, I find less and less time to read, or maybe less and less attention span to complete anything I do pick up and read. Yet i know as a writer that without reading, my vocabulary suffers, my viewpoint weakens and I bore myself (and my readers) to tears. So since I couldn't commit to books finished, I committed to a "word a day." There are several ways to get a word a day - calendars, books, emails, websites. etc. But knowing my limited attention span, the burgeoning bookshelves that don't need another book and the surprisingly lack of wall or desk space in my new place, I opted for the email variety. Each and everyday, a new word from the folks who edited my tried and true college dictionary, Merriam-Webster, appears in my inbox. and I find myself eagerly awaiting the day's selection.

I even started forwarding the really good ones to my daughters and trying to use the word several times during my day. Imagine my friends' and family's consternation when I try to work "frolic" into my everyday conversation not just once, but several times until my next word of the day shows up in my inbox.

Do you have a habit that keeps you from being done? What are you doing to expand your brain? Your viewpoint? You?

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