Is it possible to fix fish without the fishy smell?

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Featured Recipe: Tilalpia with Lime Butter Sauce

Tilalpia with Lime Butter Sauce

The off-putting fishy smell from frying fish is about the freshness of the filet. If your fish smells fishy raw, it's only going to get worse when you cook it; which in turn will taste fishy and leave that unpleasant odor in your kitchen. I almost always buy my fish from the fishmonger's open case. That way as soon as it is handed to you, you can take a sniff and determine it's freshness. Tilapia is almost always pre-frozen, so ask when it was thawed.

I also buy my fish the same day I'm going to cook it, ensuring that it is as fresh as possible.

Farm-raised tilapia also comes in individually wrapped, quick frozen filets. These are handy for grab and cook dinners, but they are not my favorite. Even with the mild, whitefish, I prefer freshly purchased fish. That way you can pick out the fillets you want, eye them and even give them a sniff before they are purchased.

Tilapia with Lime Butter Sauce is a delicious and quick dinner that won't leave anything but good memories in the kitchen. The easy-to-make lime butter sauce is the perfect compliment to the mild white fish. Serve it with steamed green beans and rice pilaf for a dinner that goes together in just 20 minutes.

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Tilalpia with Lime Butter Sauce

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