Lafitte Foie Gras - oh my goodness!

From   |  July 17, 2011
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Today in my market I met a wondeful new friend. Jean Gremillet, co-owner with his wife of Foies Gras Lafitte. In his beautifully French-accented English, he proceeded to give me a lesson in foie gras. The best, he says, is the Foie Gras de Canard Entire, or whole duck liver. Ducks are healthier than geese, according to Mr. Gremillet. They taste better, because they live healthier lives.

But he quickly reassures me that all of the their geese and ducks are loose, ahhh how do you say, free range. Live good lives.

I'm hooked. I want to talk to him all day. Listen to everything he has to say.

Not to mention, he is giving me free samples of all of his products.

He has everything in his little booth at Le Marche du Raspiel for a romantic rendez-vous, champagne, fresh baked bread, foie gras.... what more do you need, he asks?

Ummmm, Mr. Gremillet, a man to share it with, I respond! He tells me his first wife was a jealous woman, but this wife, not so jealous! But alors, he is 76! But boy can he still sell it!


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