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From   |  September 30, 2013
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Today I spent most of the day sitting at my kitchen counter, on the computer applying for health insurance coverage. When I say everything starts in the Kitchen, I mean it.  The news is all a twitter about some of our elected officials trying to get the Heath Care Act changed, repeeled, thrown out, whatever you want to call it depending on the source. And there seems to be grand-standing with threats of shutting the government down...what?

All I know is this:

I am a self-employed woman of middle-age and I'm loosing my healthcare coverage in two weeks. This has been coming for three years as I have been covered by my ex-husband's employer under COBRA. While coverage has not changed since I was married to him and "deserved" the employer-sponsored benefit as his legal wife, I have had the monsterous monthly bill of over $700 for coverage. I knew this was coming and there would be a gap that would need to be filled, but was elated when I thought January 2014 would be a new start in assurance with the Health Care Act.

We could debate for years why it has come to this from a political standpoint. We could even debate for years who is right and who is wrong. But this is where am at: I am only eligible (until the HCA is activated in January 2014) for the state provided high risk pool. My "application is in the mail," and we'll see if I'm able to be covered now that I have exhausted my COBRA benefit. But now if it is repealed, changed, altered - I may be back to the "ineligible" pool?

What I don't understand, and no one seems to be talking about it, is if I didn't work hard to make a living as a self-employed, independent woman, and if I couldn't provide for myself and I needed healthcare, I could go to the hospital and they'd have to care for me, right? And yet all I want to do is be able to continue to pay for basic insurance coverage and not have the past dictate my risk factors. (Ironically it was the depression and anxiety as a result of my 24-plus year marriage imploding that makes me ineligible - one more devastating fact of infidelity.)

I'd rather not pay astronomical monthly premiums or have humongous deductibles either. But all I really want is the security of knowing if I get hit by a bus, I am covered. No wonder so many people choose not to be insured and then are devastated by circumstance. Or why so many, who have not had a sunny health past, are uninsurable for being too high a risk.

I know I'm kicking a hornets' nest, but I welcome your comments. Yes, this is the other part of what happens in my kitchen.



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