Snorkeling In Alaskan Waters

From   |  September 13, 2012
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The chance to snorkel in Alaska was not an opportunity I was going to miss. I know it sounds crazy and cold – but let me assure it you it was neither. I love snorkeling, gliding along the top of the water watching the beauty of the ocean floor open before me. In the Caribbean and Hawaii it was heaven. But swimming in glacier fed- waters? On the other hand when would I ever have the chance again? So on my recent Alaskan Cruise my travel partner and I joined 5 other ship guests for the experience of a lifetime!

Here’s the brief description of the excursion from the Holland America website:

“Explore the underwater world of Southeast Alaska and learn about the marine biology of the ocean floor that teems with life in the waters of Sitka Sound. The advantages of using a "dry suit" are warmth, buoyancy, safety, comfort, and ease in changing. You simply wear your own street clothes under the dry suit. You will be picked up dockside and transfer to the changing area. There is a secure space to leave your belongings. In your dry suit, you will head to the snorkel site at Magic Island, located within the Halibut Point Recreation State Park. Listen to a safety orientation and your guide will answer any questions; then you will have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of snorkeling in the waters of Alaska. Watch for sea life such as sea stars, sun stars (up to 60 lbs), crab, a variety of fish, sea anemones (one of the oldest animals on earth), a variety of filter feeders, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and the colorful bio-mass of the sea floor. Snorkelers may also explore the giant kelp forest near the snorkel area. You will spend approximately 45 minutes to one hour in the water. Safety is the number one priority of your guides and each guest receives additional information regarding the water temperatures, visibility, tidal fluctuations and local marine life. There is a 1:6 guide-to-guest ratio and a certified dive master accompanies the group. All guides are trained in CPR, dive and snorkel procedures, and the marine environment. “

That description is completely true and accurate, but what can’t be captured is the unbelievably beautiful world you are blessed to visit during your adventure.

Who knew the colors would be so vibrant?

The sea life so abundant?

Who knew I’d be begging to stay in the water after our short 1-hour snorkel experience exhilarated, amazed and except my head and hands, completely dry!

This shore excursion gets not only thumbs up – but a huge cheer, too!

My thanks to Andrew Fike for his fabulous underwater photos and his not so fabulous ones of me in my dry suit!

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