The Secret is in the Bouillon

From   |  February 04, 2013
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Featured Recipe: Rich Mushroom Soup

Rich Mushroom Soup

One of the biggest challenges in quick cooking is packing in the flavor with easy ingredients instead of the slow simmer of time. Executive Chefs use hearty soup bases that have been simmered and reduced for hours, intensifying the flavors in every spoonful. Home cooks could do the same, but who has the time? Besides we only want a couple of bowls of soup, not a cauldron to feed hundreds of guests.

I had all but given up on that deep and rich soup base flavor when a chef friend shared a secret – Better than Bouillon Bases ®. Manufactured by Superior Touch and marketed to restaurant, food service venues and retail stores, Better than Bouillon ® is usually found where the broths and bouillon cubes are available. (If your local store doesn’t carry it, you can order it online).

I don’t usually develop a recipe around one specific ingredient, trying to create as much flexibility as possible for my readers across the country. But in this case other “like” ingredients just don’t deliver, especially on the intense mushroom flavor front- at least this fast. Today’s recipe for Rich Mushroom Soup is not only super quick, it is healthy, too – low in fat, low in carbohydrates, low cholesterol and high in vitamin A and C. And it’s not a wimpy serving – each diner gets 2 whole cups of soup. Sized for two, this recipe is easily doubled for more. I hope you enjoy.

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