What happens when the cashier gets to decide how old you are? Guest Blogger Debbie Moose

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Greek Potato Salad

Guest Blogger Debbie Moose says:

It was the usual trip to the supermarket. Going through the checkout line. The cashier swiped my six-pack of Belgian ale with barely a glance at me and mashed a button. On the display appeared these words:

“Cashier has bypassed age validation.”

Translation: You’re obviously so old that not only do you not need to show an ID, you should probably be drinking more. Forget about the first time a bag boy called you “ma’am” -- bypassing age validation is the sure sign that you’re closer to the retirement home than you are to the dorm room.

Here are some other supermarket signs that you’re over 50:

  • Among the impulse-buy items at the checkout, you’re more likely to grab dental floss than Skittles. To keep in your car.
  • You spend more time in the pet food aisle than at the frozen pizza case.
  • The bagger runs after you shouting “Are you really sure about that?” when you say you don’t need help with your bags.
  • It takes you longer to select an acid reducer than it did to pick out the food that caused it.
  • You get really, really ticked off when you get home and discover you bought regular Pepsi instead of caffeine-free diet Pepsi -- something you can’t possibly drink because with one glass you’d be awake for a solid week and gain 10 pounds.
  • You grumble about how all those labels look alike, especially without your glasses.

Have you experienced any supermarket symptoms of being 50-plus? We’d love to hear your stories, so please add them to the “Comments” section following this post.

Debbie Moose is the author of four cookbooks. Her latest is “Potato Salad: 65 Recipes from Classic to Cool.” Check out her blog, Moose Musings.

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